Martin Gawlak

Martin Gawlak

B.A.S. Organizational Management

Dean's List while on food stamps, working, interning, and volunteering at ReadingPals of The United Way, Martin started an internet business in his sophomore while his college won the Aspen Institute award. He used the business to learn website design, video production, brand development and everything else by researching and practicing on his own.

His method: keep working at it until what he built performed better than the reported benchmarks published by major international firms like Wordstream and Neil Patel.

Martin likes coaching kids, volunteering as a coach and board of directors at his hometown Little League and youth boxing at PAL. He's trained multiple state champions. But when you talk to him, you'll be surprised by his kindness and attentiveness baked beneath his habitual competitiveness. He's helped more clients/partners/friends than he has paying clients, and does more-so the more success he achieves. So, don't be afraid to ask for help.

His style is "simplicity," if you pick a word. His marketing philosophies can be found all over this website.

Even though his brand designs are layered with consumer research and company culture, even though his websites are expertly developed with integrations all throughout the industry, even though he's managed quarter-million dollar marketing budgets with mathematically analyzed prowess, he thinks words are the most powerful sword to wield.


Amber Marketing

Amber Lee

A.A. Psychology

We poached Amber from the corporate world. Her communication skills are captivating, and her incessant work ethic is part of her fabric--not just a trait.

She was raised in a smaller town, where the south's premier grocery chain punished her with more work for outworking the men on her feet. Amber realized she was worth more than clawing her way up the corporate ladder for overtime work and just full time salary. Even though she's moved on, she still works overtime to this day.

Amber's directly managed customer bases for clients that count in the tens of thousands. You'll never see her scared to learn something or stand up for someone.

This is a person that people come to for advice and stability. She organizes social meet-ups for roller skating (and was in competitive roller derby for years). She dresses up in creative costumes she designs herself for any occasion she can find. And she's done it all from an incredibly challenging background. There is nothing about her that is not to be admired.

If you want something done right and done on time, you ask Amber. She's highly organized and manages content with a very high level of detail and curiosity. An accidental leader.

Megan marketing

Megan Fino

Psychology Major

Before she was our Content Intern, Megan won multiple state and national film awards, graduated with a 4.2 GPA, and earned over 1000 community service hours.

She believes that the world is powered by love, so she makes a great fit with us. Her communication styles allow people to respect her point of view and has helped her manage groups of people in efficient ways. Taking an interest in anything that is avant-garde, Megan has pushed the limits of creating in any space that she enters, whether it is editing, producing, or even in a professional setting.

Coming from a big Hispanic household, she understands people differently than most and wants to get the education to understand how her empathy can help in a positive manner. Thus, her majoring in Psychology. She also has a dry and witty humor which always lightens up the mood if need be.

Megan is the type of person to help give a detailed solution to a complex concept. She also exhibits a strong mentality that revolves around peace, and with this, she is slowly making changes to the world and those around her one step at a time. Like one should.