"Social media marketing is low cost advertising, and has the highest ROI when done well."




Social Media Marketing

A lot of you out there still think that Facebook is free and will send a bunch of sales with little effort. But some of you know that this isn't true anymore.

The social media platforms have grown since you first learned about them. Knowing how to use as many features as possible will help you succeed. The free features of Facebook are still incredible, and the paid advertising is still cheap. YouTube let's interested customers do dives into videos so deep that they can't even think about doing business with one of your competitors. You can target people on Instagram and Facebook down to the neighborhood they're standing in: "Once you leave the Vero Mall, stop by for a free pint. Just show this ad!" Social media marketing is low cost advertising, and has the highest ROI when done well. You just need a hand on it that knows which buttons to press. And that comes from being good at two things: the analytics/data, and the creative/production.

Creative Arbitrage - The things that we do to set us apart from other high cost marketing companies is our attention and ease of creative strategy. We call it creative arbitrage. No one combines data with super well performing creative production better than us. Not even the big marketing companies. Our creative performance alone is your greatest ROI source. We make good ads on any platform so your money is spent well.



Social Media Marketing Case Study

Social Media Marketing Case Study Marketing



Remember Bandturo from our Google Ads case study? Well we went on to plug in our branding and creative expertise to takeover their organic and paid social media. We also created a sister company that provides passive income for all their run-off traffic, but that's a story you're going to have to ask about. What we did with their social media marketing was stay steady on the course of their brand and brand voice.

Instead of paying some teenager with six months Chipotle experience $1,000/month to post links to whatever they thought might be cool, we posted infrequently and only really good content we knew would get their current Facebook followers excited. While most other Facebook company pages have a few thousand followers and about 0.01% of them as actual paying customers, Bandturo enjoys a small Facebook following that has converted about 100x what most company pages get posting mass garbage every day. A classic case of quality over quantity working for small business.

We also dove into their paid advertising on Facebook with our expertise in ad production (creative arbitrage). Want to know one of our best performing ads for them? It just said: "Facebook sucks. Get off Facebook. Go on tour." This worked because it was simple, but it worked very well because we targeted Facebook users at a young, angsty age and thought about how to identify with them.

What happened to us? We're still working with them. And we're producing video ads and getting them clicks for just 8 cents and an incredible click-through-rate of 8.35%. The average CTR on Facebook Ads is only 0.90%.



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