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The Best Local Marketing Company

We have 100% 5-star reviews on Google & Facebook (plus more we didn't ask for) for all the ten years we've been marketing. Scroll down after that to learn more about how we do what we do. And then contact us to get started.



Martin has been instrumental in getting many projects from A to Z, a self starter and a team player, one of a kind
Richard Lepre
Richard Lepre
May 5, 2021.
Martin is a Wizard. Highly recommend
Tongues of Fire
Tongues of Fire
April 24, 2021.
About 2 years ago, I was starting a new project and needed help. Martin responded to me in an online diy forum. Since that day, he has been invaluable. I talk to Martin on a regular basis, almost weekly. I regularly seek out his expertise on many different projects. He is smart, kind, patient, aggressive, and encouraging. He will put in as much as you do. Helping people grow their ideas and challenge themselves to set and reach their goals is his passion. I have never even had the pleasure of meeting Martin in person. That has not impeded our working relationship. He is very present and available even from a distance. I highly recommend Martin Gawlak Company. Do it, you won't be disappointed and you'll have a new friend. -Rachel Stief Co-Founder The Stifftones, Co-Founder Stiff Competition LLC., Crypto investor, Registered Nurse
The Stifftones
The Stifftones
March 26, 2021.
Martin is genuinely in the business of simply helping people. He is there for you at any time no matter how big or how small your need. He is a rare gem in this industry. I cannot recommend him enough.
Donna Pulito
Donna Pulito
March 1, 2021.

Alpha Mason™

Includes: Website development, social media marketing, SEO, email & text marketing, graphic design, podcast & video production, and analytics reports.


Hire a stranger for $15/hr that is decent at one thing and will have to google everything else, spend ten times as much time, and produce rookie results.


Let a trustworthy team with experience managing $1M+ small businesses cover your:

Website Development, Branding, & PR
Print, Digital, & Broadcast Advertising
Social Media, Email, Mail, & Text Marketing
Graphic Design, Video Production, & Digital Ads
Analytics, Customer Targeting, & SEO

Websites That Sell More

Your website should be plugged into everything.

It should also be easy for visitors to find what they're looking for.

That way, visitors can easily find a reason to become your customer.

How much should I pay for website development?

Billboards That Aren't Ugly

Do you care which lawyer is on that billboard?

Do you care what they look like?

Make sure people enjoy seeing your billboard design.

How much should I pay for billboard design?

Facebook Ads That Work

Reach 1,000 people for a few bucks.

Show them an ad that isn't boring.

Let them buy when they get to your website. They're ready.

How much should I pay for facebook advertising specialist?

Social Media Posts That Feel Genuine

Coming up with new posts doesn't have to be a drag.

Even if you think your work is boring, it's not.

It's just a little window. Give them a nice peep show.

How much should I pay for social media management?

Google Ads That Cost Less

Google Ads actually contribute to your SEO rankings.

Spending money here can quickly get out of hand.

Make sure you know how to compete.

How much should I pay for a google ads manager?

SEO That Beats Competitors

Don't let a website developer spam your site with keywords. That's ugly.

Do it the right way and keep the traffic growing.

Let your customers enjoy browsing your site.

How much should I pay for SEO specialist?

Leads That Want To Buy

Ever had an agency promise a bunch of leads that you couldn't sell to?

That's lazy.

Convert your customers in a meaningful way from every channel.

How much should I pay for a lead generation company?

Branding That Stands Out

Need we say more?

How much should I pay for brand development?

Email Marketing That Gets Opened

Average email open rate is about 15-25%.

We get 40-70%.

How many sales is that worth for your list?

How much should I pay for an email marketing specialist?

Podcasts That Build Customer Bases

It's difficult to make a good, consistent podcast.

But not as difficult as you think.

First rule of show biz: Give the people what they want.

How much should I pay for a podcast agency?

Graphic Designers That Know The Market

Sure, hire your nephew. Or someone on Fiverr you'll never meet.

Doesn't bother us one bit how you decide to waste your time.

Make your competitors happy.

How much should I pay for a graphic designer?

Videos That Aren't Annoying

Everyone can tell when you really want your videos to make you look cool.

Cool people know that's totally uncool.

Just don't try too hard, you'll be fine.

How much should I pay for a marketing video specialist?

Analytics That Tell Stories

A good digital marketer knows what they're looking at when they look at the data.

Great ones know what to look for.

Change is good. Know what to invest in using data to keep your business growing.

How much should I pay for a digital marketing specialist?

Customer Targeting That Saves Money

If you hate spending too much on advertising.

If you hate paying for leads that never intended to actually buy anything.

Target different audiences with different ads.

How to save money using audience targeting.

Creatives That Understand Data

It's difficult to find one place that can make great stuff while also understanding the math stuff.

Well, until now it was.

This is the best example of what makes us so unique and valuable. Like you.

How much should I pay for a creative ad agency?

Publicity That Captures Hearts

Have a finger on the pulse of the public.

Make some moves that reflect your core values.

Give them a reason to think of you first.

How much should I pay for a publicity agency?

Proudest Use Cases

bandturo Marketing

Conversion Specialization

Built a digital service for and underserved industry. (Easy.) Then built a world class sales funnel that turned every $20 spent into $300 revenue. (Expert.)

Salty's Watersports

Cyber Security

The busiest jet ski and boat rental company in the region had their website held hostage by their old marketer who changed their passwords and locked them out of their own business. I hacked the site through the front end, downloaded a copy, then had it back up and running within a day.

cam courses Marketing

SEO & Website Development

Established company was losing to competitors using his own business name against him on Google. After I completely overhauled the site, it was back on top within a month.

Indian River Direct Logo with Fruit People Marketing

Marketing Management

Cut tens of thousands from advertising budget, increased sales to "scary" levels.