"SEO is creating a story for robots to understand what your company is about so that humans can enjoy it."

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is creating a story for robots to understand what your company is about so that humans can enjoy it. If you structure your website in a way that lets your customers find the information they intended to find then they will have an enjoyable experience beginning to use your company via website browsing. It also allows your search engines to get links to your website in front of the people that are looking for it.

You should use a detailed website development process that includes SEO within the textual, visual, and audio content of your website. You can also use SEO in the world's second largest search engine: YouTube. Providing great, simple content via videos on YouTube and other video platforms is a great way to get free promotion and salesmanship at scale.

To compete in SEO, you should start by defining certain keywords that you can best deliver your brand promise on. Narrow it down to competitiveness over that keyword by using a keyword planner to see average monthly searches. Then you should create all the content you can and deliver it on your website and all other platforms you are active on.

Finally, make sure your content is either entertaining or informative. If you have creative and analytical talent you can do both. Trying to sell directly through your SEO content ensures you miss out on the opportunity to build your brand, and usually hurts it. Telling a story and informing the customer on what they're interested in ensures you become a trusted brand in the customer's mind and makes them curious to find out more. Eventually they turn into a paying customer.

Creative Arbitrage - The things that we do to set us apart from other high cost marketing companies is our attention and ease of creative strategy. We call it creative arbitrage. No one combines data with super well performing creative production better than us. Not even the big marketing companies. Our creative performance alone is your greatest ROI source. We make good ads on any platform so your money is spent well.

SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study Marketing

When we brought on Florida CAM Courses as a client at the end of 2018, we went over everything we would do and do well to help them reclaim the throne among all Community Associaiton Manager certification companies in the state. And we told them to be patient. They fired us a couple months later.

This company was actually called "Florida CAM Courses" and even own the domain floridacamcourses.com, but was still getting outranked on Google whenever anyone searched for "florida cam courses!" Sitting here writing about this SEO case study, I opened a new Incognito Tab in my web browser and did a simple Google search for "florida cam courses." Our old client is ranked #1 in the results, right at the top of the page.

How did we do it? We updated their old, cluttered website that looked like it was built in 1999, and used user desired information and stories to get people to use the site over and over again. Google apparently liked these new user interactions and is now showing people their company's site because they know it is what people actually want to see when they search for this. We told them give it a year to see results, but it's only been a few since we rescued their SEO. We might not be getting credit from the client, but the results are clear to the public. Did you find us in a Google search?

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