"Sales is glory."


Sales is glory. As an owner or manager, nothing feels better than seeing the money come in on your email updates and business account. But sales can be tough. Here are the top three reasons why you aren't getting as many sales as you expected, as we've seen working with real companies.

Your product or service is not necessary. Us marketing nerds call this "market fit." Sometimes we think we have a great idea or solution, but we're selling it to people that don't want it. Never spend time or money trying to sell to people that don't want what you're selling. Either go somewhere else or change your product/service. Let your ego go.

You're selling to the wrong crowd. The quickest way to tell if your product is not necessary is to run some cheap, targeted ads on Facebook to see if you're selling to the wrong people. Maybe you care more about customer's lawns looking perfect than anyone else in Fort Pierce, but if you're only talking to people about it in northside Fort Pierce then you'll have a hard time getting a premium price out of your customers. They might like a beautiful landscape, but may not be budgeting for it or even have the means to afford it. Go beachside instead.

You're just saying the wrong thing.Nothing is worse than sitting in a meeting with a potential client or customer and repaeating over and over again that you have the best prices ever heard of, when that customer just wants to hear about a certain tool in your business that's sharpened and ready to go. The most common mistake we see (and that you see every single day, hundreds of times) is when ads interrupt your day/feed/show and try to sell you something without giving you anything first except a rude interruption. This is where our expertise in creative arbitrage comes in again.

Creative Arbitrage - The things that we do to set us apart from other high cost marketing companies is our attention and ease of creative strategy. We call it creative arbitrage. No one combines data with super well performing creative production better than us. Not even the big marketing companies. Our creative performance alone is your greatest ROI source. We make good ads on any platform so your money is spent well.

Sales Case Study

Martin Gawlak Company Sales Case Study

Is sales your biggest expense? We sit down with a lot of managers and we get a lot of deals. The way we do it is we use our owner to speak for the company. This is important because no person or artificial intelligence program knows more about how we do what we do and why. This eliminates two of the largest business expenses in the world: Professional sales force training and professional sales force turnover. But not all businesses operate internally like our's, and you can't clone a human to scale their production. That's why we develop sales funnels.

To put together our own sales funnel, we've taken the time to select the right marketing channels and create the right content for our audience in each channel. And all our channels funnel into this website, where you can really get to know what we're about. Yes we're about making money by making you more money, but we're also about quality of content and character. We're no-nonsense most of the time because we feel it's appropriate. But we talk to you like a real person because making a joke every once in a while is necessary, and when it comes to great relationships we know that having the audience's trust is yuge.

By the time you have a conversation with us, you already know us. There's no selfishness in the middle. There's no undesired surprises at the other end. You know what you're going to get and the rest is just details and formalities. And that's how you sell: from start to finish. If not you, then someone else.

The case pictured above came from the incredible marketing power of referrals that come from doing a good job. If you remember Corey and The Lighter Clubb from the marketing case study, you might find it interesting that his family heard about our great services and had to have us do their healthcare service website. All we had to do was get to an agreement on price, which we will based off how much they want to spend. We kept it simple and told them they pick a price or we'll just charge our normal rate. All of this sales process is geared behind getting to work for the customer.

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