"Marketing is hands-free selling in a way that excites people into wanting to work with you."


Never call anything "marketing" unless it is proving to drive paying customers to your business. You can be doing a million things and calling it marketing, but if it isn't showing results in the form of leads and sales then you're just making people like your brand less.

Marketing is hands-free selling in a way that excites people into wanting to work with you. What we do is think about what someone wants to see rather than just what they expect to see. When you develop your marketing strategy and content form this goal, you will create a growing audience that will make you need to expand your staff to take on more customers. In fact, we've worked with several companies that we've created "problems" for by sending them too many customers to handle with their current operations.

Even though many owners and managers think you can just use one source for customers, your customers will actually be looking in different places to find out more about your company and what the competition is doing. Even if you have a bang-up website, does it align with what your Google Ads are telling people to get them to go there? Does the way you interact with current customers match the values you brag about in your Facebook posts? The quality of the product or service you provide is the first line of marketing, and it will drive more customers all by itself from referrals when you have something that is great.

Think about a great post you made on Facebook. A few people saw that and clicked on your company name to look at the rest of your Facebook profile. And a few of those went on to click on the link on your Facebook page that goes to your website to find out even more about you. And if your website is a good, sales driven website then a few of those people ended up making a purchase right then, or contacting you to find out the best way to go about giving you their money. This is one example of a buyer's journey. There are many more you can open up. Streams trickle into rivers.

Creative Arbitrage - The things that we do to set us apart from other high cost marketing companies is our attention and ease of creative strategy. We call it creative arbitrage. No one combines data with super well performing creative production better than us. Not even the big marketing companies. Our creative performance alone is your greatest ROI source. We make good ads on any platform so your money is spent well.

Marketing Case Study

Martin Gawlak Company - Marketing Case Study

When we were introduced to The Lighter Clubb, Martin had dragged Corey to the basketball court on Selvitz Rd to do some intense Florida sweating. Corey had an idea, but he also seemed to have the drive to develop a real small business. Once Corey had ordered the equipment, stocked up on lighters, and stickers, and getting graphic designers to start making some cool lifestyle brand stuff, we wanted in.

We took his hustle and idea and tookover his entire marketing for the launch. Marketing is how you sell to people across multiple channels, so we built a WordPress site and equipped it with automatic subscription functionality to take recurring payments every month. The we coached him on how to use his organic social media content to drive desire and traffic to his brand. Then we sat down and developed a strategy for a lifestyle brand campaign for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google. At soft launch, we saw sales the first day for all different price tiers and proved market demand for his idea, which is now a successful business. The secret? Look cool without looking like you're trying to look cool.

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