How I Got $0.07 CPC (Cost Per Click)

“I don’t think people understand just how much I study, build, and experiment.”

How I Got $0.07 CPC (Cost Per Click)

  • Intro
  • 1. Use Facebook
  • 2. Use Video
  • 3. Use Lookalike Audiences
  • 4. Use Thoughtful Video Production

I don’t think people understand just how much I study, build, and experiment. So here’s the story about how I got an ad to perform at seven cents per click in a world where the average cost per click is around $2.

How I Got $0.07 CPC


I didn’t do any testing and tweaking for this ad. The idea came to me while out on a run. I have about one good idea a day this way. And then I just produced and executed on it. It’s unclear which parts I’m talking about are the most important, but I’m including all the points that I think made the ad work.

1. Use Facebook

Facebook is cheap. Learn how to use it, and then learn how to use it well.

2. Use Video

Facebook wants you to use video content so bad that it has a feature in their ads software that will make a video for you. You just pic some pictures and add some text. The reason Facebook wants a lot of video is because people like watching video more than reading text and people will stay on Facebook longer so Facebook can sell more ads to them. But anyways, use a video.

3. Use Lookalike Audiences

You have so much data on people with Facebook and you don’t even really have to know how to use it. Facebook makes it useable for you.Create an audience and use custom audiences. We used Lookalike audiences for “365 Bandturo page engage.” You can narrow it down like we did to 1%, 1-2%, and 2-5%. Not even sure what this means but Facebook apparently does. We also used Engagement – Page targeting for “365 Bandturo page engage.”

You will have Facebook find people that behaved like the people who already are interested in your brand and Facebook will then show them your ads.

Lookalike audiences are similar to Retargeting audiences. Retargeting finds people that your website has been tracking and shows them your ads again, making them much cheaper since they’re more likely to engage with familiar stuff. Lookalikes have seen stuff like your brand before, so showing your ads to them means they’re already sorta familiar with your brand, thus making your ads cheaper.

4. Use Thoughtful Video Production

Google how to make a good Facebook Slideshow/Video ad and do what experts are doing. Or you can have your creative team think about what will get your target customers interested in you, and create a video around that.

Here are some details I was thoughtful about when making this video for the ad:

  • Use food. It was a recipe video that our customers could use while using our services. People like looking at food since they eat it every day. And since some of the fastest growing channels on the internet were built on recipe videos, we knew it had a good chance to perform well. If you don’t want to use food, use something else that’s interesting or beautiful to look at. Interesting is better than beautiful, though. And there’s no reason you can’t do both.
  • Make it short. Since it was a recipe video, we chopped up the entire process into a 45-60 second video so you could watch the whole thing in one swipe-by.
  • Add some personality. Don’t act like a big company or anything like that. What we did was add something pretty weird that might even make some people comment in controversy. We used catsup in our recipe that should NOT have had catsup in it. We even made it more outrageous by having the actress in the video smear catsup all over the kitchen, seemingly on accident. Sorta.
  • Put an animal in it. Ellen Degeneres did it in one of the most critically acclaimed, effective television commercials of all time. People respond to animals about as well as they respond to food. We did both.

You can see the ad when we’re running it. In fact you can see any Facebook page’s current ads. Just go to their page, scroll down on the left until you see the “Page Transparency” block, and click “See More.”

Always remember, it’s better to get people to like your brand on Facebook than it is to try and sell something right away.

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