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How We Get 10+% Conversion Rates While Others Get Less Than 4%

“Here’s how we built a discount brand to accompany our premium services brand and capture sales at the top of funnel.”

How We Get 10+% Conversion Rates While Others Get Less Than 4%

  • Intro
  • 1. Tour Ready Checklist
  • 2. Let Them Call
  • 3. Let Them Email
  • 4. Use Hello Bar
  • 5. Sister Brand
  • 6. Sales Info
  • 7. Remarketing
  • 8. Zendesk
  • 9. Don’t Ever Use Pop-ups

Getting a stranger that visits your site to become a lead or sale is the name of the game, right? You spend mucho money getting people to come see what you got so capturing as many leads and sales as possible stretches your marketing dollar and lets you build a business to make more money, hire your neighbors, etc. Wow, I just realized how vanilla this intro is. I’m so sorry.

This is how we use several really good lead captures to maximize your ad spend beyond low CPCs.

How We Get 10+% Conversion Rates While Others Get Less Than 4%


Your major rule of user experience is something like “make it as easy as possible for people to do things.” Some people want to chat. Some people want to tap to call you and speak to a non-scamming human. Some people want a qualifying test. Here’s how we make it so easy for Bandturo customers to become customers to the point we feel fine saying “no” and passing them on to other things first—without chasing their sale.

Our strategy here is to provide as many options to be included as possible.

1. Tour Ready Checklist

This is my favorite, but can have a little time requirement to use.

On our landing page, with tons of info and choices, we have a button to take a questionnaire that helps the customer understand if they’re ready to use our services to grow their career.

We also offer the test on our “Get Started” page.

The checklist is hugely popular, and we probably convert around 1-3% of our visitors with this survey alone.

The survey pretty much says in the title “are you ready to give us your money and get our value?” So getting a customer to take this makes them hot as it gets in terms of lead temperature.

Here’s the best part. This questionnaire is super direct for our potential customers. But it also is a very in-depth lead feed of data to use in directing a customer to the right product. We can tell great potential clients to buy a particular service of ours, just like we can tell the lead they might not be ready yet and put them on 1) one of our free resources, 2) our discount service (DIYT™), or 3) another service or recommendation.

Since we have such good questions answered, there is no doubt when we reach out to each lead directly that we will help them. When you genuinely help customers and create value you have them in the palm of your hands. Then you get value arbitrage and even word of mouth from paying and non-paying customers. Hard to measure non-paying WOM leads, but we know it’s working. We also convert customers here at a greater rate than Facebook ads and sometimes email marketing.

Taking the time to answer each filled form can seem a high cost. But if you remember how well you help these customers then they will for sure remember how authentic and helpful you were when they’re finally ready to make a purchase in your realm.

We also cut down on resources answering these form fills by creating a template response. The template response has cookie cutter responses for important questions, but it also leaves room for the assistant/admin to talk creatively about their project in a way that shows we listened and took the time to consider their response. AI might do this for us eventually, but for now we have a very listened-to response that drives brand value above all our competitors.

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2. Let Them Call

Our under-paying client that fired us had a lot of excuses about what we recommended they do with their leads. It was kinda lazy. But they did have staff, and they were available 9-5 to take calls from leads that would rather talk to a human than join an email list or read hundreds of words on a web page.

We list Bandturo’s work hours at 24/7. Do you understand how impressed artists are when I answer the phone at 11:30 at night? Do you know how many times I answered the phone at 1AM and the first words were actually “Oh, I didn’t think anyone was gonna answer.” A lot. And a lot of these calls were just “I wanted to make sure there was actual people working there and not a scam/fly-by-night.”

Learn to create a clickable call link since most people are looking at your site on their phone. CLICK TO CALL

This eliminates a lot of friction from people that don’t like to read, don’t like bouncing questions off the wall in their head, and don’t like not shaking the hand of the person they do business with. I even sign all our emails—automated and not—with my name. Human is big on the internet.

Do you get anxiety from phone calls with other humans? You might be lazy, tbh. But don’t worry, just pick up the phone and listen. Ask them a warm-up question to get them talking while you transfer into the talking mood. You’ll be surprised how far this goes for the customer and for your gusto as a marketer/owner.

3. Let Them Email

Many customers think their situation is more unique than the rest. Every customer is unique, don’t be jaded. Take the time to listen by making it easy for them to email you via email link or form or just spelling it out on the page for them to copy-paste.

When you communicate with customers where they feel comfortable, they get comfortable with you.

Emails are also great because people can articulate things on their mind that aren’t rushed by the social norms of face-to-face or voice-to-voice, high-paced conversations.

And you might be better in this medium, too. Offer the option. Increase your conversions.

4. Use Hello Bar

Hello Bar is an email capture that gives you all the trashy pop-up/slide-in options, but also the non-invasive top/bottom bar on the web page.

It’s so simple it’s kinda difficult to write about. It’s free. And you can capture emails and first names based on the offer they see.

We make our offers super invasive/helpful. We offer to interview. We offer to let them talk with an expert directly in an industry where no one seems to have the time.

Alone, our Hello Bar converts more than 1% of website visitors.

It’s an email capture in ways that I’m sure a bunch of optimization data went into building.

Now, since our “offers” are so good we convert on the next email marketing from these adds very well. But making it easy to “come on” is the key, and Hello Bar does it well. Even on the free plan, which we use.

5. Sister Brand

We don’t even count our sister brand sales as conversions on Bandturo. But we have maybe 2 or 3 subtle nudges to our discount sister brand on Bandturo’s site that creates a whole new customer, both paid and unpaid.

We put the price right on our site. Bandturo’s services a bit much at $100? Try DIYT™ at $4.99. Since they see the price and can compare it to our obviously premium brand, we capture a lead while often getting $5+ to do so. It’s a subscription service, too, so these hot leads are paying big dividends right away.

ALSO on our sister site, you can subscribe to most of our content. We have free memberships, a very helpful blog to subscribe to, and a very good podcast to subscribe to on multiple channels.

Why lose a visitor to competition when you can lose them to yourself? Just need to make sure the content and value is good.

6. Sales Info

If you think we have to touch every customer like a non-internet company you’re wrong.

We take great pride in Bandturo’s multiple pages with insight and info because they gain the customers’ trust.

The most important thing is that we offer a lot of straightforward explanations for each service. Since some are pretty “innovative,” a good explanation on how it works is necessary.

Our FAQ, Our Team, and What’s It Like pages talk to the customer like they can definitely feel. Then, if they make it to the Get Started page they can get captured along with some money. Our Get Started page is our checkout page. But we also provide the options to fill out our Tour Ready Checklist, and encourage people to email us with questions. If the visitor makes it here then they might just need a nudge, so we provide that for them.

7. Remarketing

This is a direct way to keep a visitor as a lead without it feeling very direct. But the data does it for you.

Remarketing takes visitors from a website and let’s you serve them ads in other places later on. Since they’ve already visited your site, they are more likely to engage with the next ads they see from you. They’re familiar with your brand. This makes remarketing ads less expensive and convert higher than “cold” ads. Install Google Tag on your site and connect the Facebook Pixel to it, too. Then create an “audience” that uses your site traffic. Now, Google and Facebook can serve your remarketing ads to visitors since they know they’ve seen your site before.

8. Use Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the companies that makes those little chat boxes at the bottom of websites.

If the customer wants to chat right now they can message you there and you can get the chat directly to your Zendesk dashboard if you’re logged in. It also lets them put in their email and ask a question if no one is live to chat. Free leads to your connected email account every day. I think you can even get their phone number. Either that or a lot of our leads from Zendesk has customers offer their phone number for a call.

Zendesk also lets you customize the chat windows to match your site. All of this is free, and you can get more customizations and features in paid versions. But it’s free to get up and running and functioning. And we use the free version for Bandturo. Huge recommend.

9. Don’t Ever Use Pop-ups

So help me god, don’t ever use pop-ups. They are highly disruptive to the user experience and just piss people off into not liking your brand. Welcome mats and slide—ins are okay. I like the Hello Bar bar at the top or bottom of page. If it doesn’t disrupt site flow. That’s my opinion, at least.

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