"Google Ads is a great way to guarantee traffic to your website and calls to your office."

Google Ads

Google Ads is a great way to guarantee traffic to your website and calls to your office. You can display your ad to people searching on the internet and encourage them to consider your brand, even if they've never heard of you before.

The keys to Google Ads are the same as any other marketing or advertising channel: measurement and good creative. If you keep an eye on how your ads are performing and how that traffic is behaving on your website, you can make adjustments to increase your ROI. If you keep your branding in mind when you're writing the ad copy, you will be best set up for success while the customer journeys to their purchase with you. Being simple and interesting is most effective.

With Google Ads, you can also retarget customers that have already visited your website. Remarketing with Google ads is less expensive than regular search. You can even use images to help with your branding when you remarket with Google Ads. All you need is to implement Google Analytics and Tags on your website to compile customer data for delivering ads to later, even when they're not searching on Google. These ads can appear on other website that are Google partners, like news sites and lifestyle blogs.

Google Ads Case Study

Martin Gawlak Company - Google Ads Case Study CPC Marketing

Bandturo was just an idea. Just an idea like most of the other failed small businesses and start-ups. But we put together a test product, and set up a website with Google Ads to see if we could prove market demand through actual paying customers.

Like most small businesses, the budget and cash flow was limited. So we developed a sales funnel beginning with Google Ads that turned curious musicians into paying customers. And it only cost around $0.40 per click for the first traffic to their website. The average Cost Per Click for Google Ads is $1 - $2.

Once they had the data to prove statistical significance, they expanded their offerings and retooled their services over the next two years to become a staple in the independent music industry. Since they were able to generate sales early with Google Ads, they had the data to back up their expansion goals and are now developing an app based off their successes. We helped them go from idea and expertise to recurring paying customers. And now they're on their way to the big time as a major tech company.

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