We Can't Make Spam Email Anymore

Getting Your Business Emails Out of Spam Folders & More – Email Marketing Mindset in Under 3 Minutes

Getting started on how to get your email marketing out of spam folders and straight into the Primary folder. Ask us how to set it up.

Expert Perspective™ Season 1 Episode 1 © 2022 Martin Gawlak Company

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Unedited captions:

don’t forget when you do have their

email contact you can do more than just

spam them

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email marketing it’s in no particular

order by the way email marketing is uh

basically collecting a list of people

and then emailing them and not pissing

them off it’s one of the most effective

forms of marketing because it is very

low cost and it converts at a high rate

if you do it well you get a lot of spam

email but you’re not supposed to you

probably get a couple good emails every

week every month from companies but if

you know what you’re doing and you’re

there to give information entertain give

value and you’re creative about the way

you do it you can make people happy to

see your emails instead of unhappy and

then if you’re really good technically

you can get your emails out of the spam

folder and into their mailbox maybe into

their promotions folder and if you’re

super super good you can actually get

them out of the promotions folder in

something like gmail and into their

primary inbox if you know what you’re

doing the conversion rates go up the

closer you get it to their personal

day to day stuff so i highly recommend

at least starting it you can have it on

your website to where your email

marketing is automatically capturing

customers or potential customers or

former customers that you want to add

more to and then don’t forget when you

do have their email contact you can do

more than just spam them offers or try

to get them to buy you can create

conversations with them that’ll teach

you more about

how to run your business like the

customer experience by figuring out what

they want and need or what’s interesting

to them at this time and how

maybe new things are affecting the way

they feel about the industry that you’re


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