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Get $2,000 cash and over $20,000 in services for free to start or grow your small business. No need for a business loan.

Start a Business

Get $2,000 cash for ads, legal and financial setup, and expert consultations.

Starting a business is easy. Making a profit and enjoying your day takes work. And money. Partner with us this year and get an incredible head start in your industry by using our professional resources.

We will help with forming your business, getting insured, and other administrative stuff. Martin Gawlak Company will handle 90% of your marketing to make sure you have business coming in. Our network and management experience are also your to access throughout the life of the partnership.

This is not a loan. Your success will be our success so we can eventually start getting paid with you. Therefore, it will be in our complete interest to help you make money.

Your guarantee is simple: if we don't find you business in the first three months, we will hand over our partnership and you will owe us nothing.

Having the power of a team behind you is great, and so is having the extra funding to take your time building your business the right way--the way you want to do business.

Overhaul Your Business

Let our bankroll, experience, and connections take you to the next level.

Even if you're already in business, we want to partner with great owners. The hardest part about growing a new business is knowing what to do when money starts rolling in.

Your first hire is very important and very difficult. Paying for your life and paying to keep the business growing is tough. We will easily find out what you need and help build your business the way you always wanted to.

How do we do this? We take care of almost everything outside of you actually doing business. You do your service, we make sure things keep moving smooth behind the scenes and customers/clients/patients coming in.

What you get

$2,000 ad spend


  • Complete website design & development
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Account/payment collections
  • LLC, licensing, and Tax ID assistance
  • Business Phone, Email, etc.
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Management (research & decision-making collaboration)
  • Administration (bookkeeping, taxes, renewing licenses, etc.)
  • Access to our exclusive professional network
  • $500 in start-up costs (LLC, web hosting, etc.)

What we get



  • 20-50% Partnership
  • Recycle our cash investment into your company over and over
  • Only take percentage of money made--no fees.
  • Additional investment stage options (more investment if needed to grow faster)
Marketing Strategies

Our Experience

We have experience taking businesses from idea to $2,000 per customer. From quitting an abusive work environment to $10,000/month plumbing company during the COVID recession. From selling $1.5 million dollars of fruit a year to more than $2 million. Pretty much nothing is off limits.

Frequently Asked Questions for Getting Funding


Do I have to be local?

Looking for Sarasota-Bradenton, St. Lucie, Indian River, and Martin County areas. If out of these areas, we are still open to the right opportunities.

How do I know if this is a good idea?

We risk our own money, you don't. If you want to take your business seriously then we will offer the things that work.

What sort of businesses are you interested in?

We're interested in most types of businesses. Retail, online, legal, medical, home services, commercial services, etc. If you are good at it, we've probably helped that type of business grow.

How do you offer free investment?

We bet on the right people with the right business. If we can figure out a way to help make you successful, then we will make money with you in the long run.

Can I still do the hiring and make other business decisions?

Sure. We are here to help.

Is this better than getting a business loan?

Usually. Most small businesses overestimate the money they need and end up paying for it. We find that most businesses need management guidance and an investment they can depend on to get a good return, rather than a huge investment of cash flow that costs money in interest.

You will also be eligible for additional funding once a baseline of income is established or confirmed.

Can I still keep my day job?

By all means. This is usually the right option for new businesses. If we find that you need to spend more time on your business, we will let you know and make sure you are spending this time wisely instead of just spinning your wheels and hoping.

What's the catch?

The catch is that we have a 100% perfect track record of spending $1 in ads and getting at least $2 back. We are confident in what we have for you, and know what most SMBs need. The only other catch is if you are a good person to support and have a good business to build.

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Coming soon:

  • Free remote employees
  • Meetings with large investors
  • Free Office Space

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