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Sell Your Art Online

Get an online gallery, sell originals and unlimited prints, offer discounts, and set your prices.

Artist websites need to do two things: properly showcase everything that makes your art special and valuable, and make it as easy as possible for patrons/collectors to make a purchase. Better yet--multiple purchases.

With experience working with artists since 2014, we know how to build fanbases and package projects worth buying into.

Your site will have let the customer focus on your work and easily make purchases. The backend of your site will help you track your audience for things like ads, email & text marketing to turn visitors to customers, and remarketing to past customers for additional purchases in the future.

Your one time $1,950 setup includes everything we charge businesses $1,950 per month for--minus the perpetual content and ad campaigns.

Also, we are VERY open to trades. Email us.

For gallery-ready artists.

$1,950 setup (or trade)

+15% of on-site sales only


  • Complete website design & development
  • Website security (for customers and from hackers)
  • Commercial level hosting (fast loading website, keeps people in store)
  • Domain registration & protection (no one will be able to steal your domain)
  • Ongoing gallery & store build-out (as you add more items for sale)
  • Google Analytics/Tags installation (anonymous audience tracking)
  • Facebook Pixel installation (anonymous audience tracking)
  • Shopify integration (sales portal)
  • Printful integration (automatic drop-shipping for unlimited prints)
  • Mailchimp integration (email marketing)
  • TextNow integration (text marketing)
  • Google Maps setup (optional)
Artist Painting Mural for Website

Frequently Asked Questions for Artist Websites


Do I have to be local or in the USA?

No. You can be based anywhere.

How do I know if this is a good idea?

If you are currently selling originals, having a truly professional artist website will always increase sales from your current patrons. Ideally our artists will sell originals for $500-$3,200 each, but you will only need to sell $200/month on average to break even at the end of the first year.

What sort of trades are you interested in?

We're interested in different genres, and will trade your list price on any piece(s) we like for 50% of your cost. E.g. if you have a piece we like listed for $3,900 then you can trade that for the entire setup cost of $1,950. This is typical, but we are open to negotiation--just email us.

How do you keep your commissions competitive with brick & mortar galleries?

Overhead is low since digital rent is cheaper. And about half of our commissions go to maintaining your  artist website--hosting, sales tax, sales portal fees, ads, etc. We'd take less if we could, but payment portals take about 5% alone off rip.

Can I still sell in real galleries?

Sure. Just make sure your contract/agreement doesn't conflict with you making your own sales. Our goal is to give you thousands times more exposure at at least half the commission of traditional galleries.

Is this better than my gallery's website?

Probably. We've been working on this project for years, since we noticed early on that artist gallery websites are often broken, outdated, and not maintained. This is actually common with all types of businesses--they pay one time for a website then refuse to pay to keep it up-to-date and continually developed. With us, you get smooth sites and constant updates.

Can I still sell on Instagram DMs?

Please do. Feel free to send them to your artist website as well to make the purchase process even easier.

What's the difference between going with you vs someone that will make me a website for $500?

It's definitely possible to get a comparable artist website for that price, but in our experience it's not likely. A lot of our business clients come from companies that had a poor experience int he past going with less experienced marketers who lose interest in you as they discover they priced their services too low. But if you can get it, please go for it. Feel free to use our service as a template for someone you want to hire outside of our company.

Do you also do musician/band websites?

Yes! We own the company Bandturo which has helped independent musicians with he business side of music for almost a decade, so we are very familiar with music artists. Just contact us.

Anything else?

Sure. See some future bonuses we're working on below.

Artist Mural Website

Coming soon:

  • Free listings in our online gallery
  • Free Facebook Ads
  • Free Google Ads
  • Free Instagram Ads
  • Free Reddit Ads

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